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LW7 - Hedgerow & Light Shade 100%

LW7 - Hedgerow & Light Shade 100%



(£4.17 ex VAT)

Containing twenty two UK Native wildflower species which are suitable for hedgerows and lightly shaded areas. This mixture contains mainly perennial species to create a permanent wildflower area which establishes in the first year and flowers from the second year onwards.


LW7 supports bees, butterflies and other pollinators as 86% of the wildflowers included in this mixture are recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’.


Sowing rate: 3g per sq/m


Mixture Compostition:
Angelica, Wild 5% Bedstraw, Hedge 9% Buttercup, Meadow 5% Campion, Red 7% Campion, White 3% Cowslip 1% Daisy, Ox-eye 3% Foxglove, Wild 2% Hedge Parsley, Upright 7% Knapweed, Common 9% Knapweed, Greater 5% Mullein, Dark 2% Mullein, Great 2% Musk Mallow 4% Mustard, Garlic 7% Self-heal 4% St John's-wort, Common 2% Teasel 5% Vetch, Common 6% Vetch, Tufted 2% Woundwort, Hedge 7% Yarrow 3%


How much wild flower seed will I need?




Landlife Wildflowers are a British grower and supplier of LW7 - Hedgerow & Light Shade 100%, wildflower plants & wildflower plug plants as well as being primarily a wild flower seed supplier. You can find almost all of our British wild flower plants and wildflower plug plants as wildflower seeds packs starting from as little as 10grams, so remember to keep sowing and growing those native British wild flowers and LW7 - Hedgerow & Light Shade 100% for future generations!