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Sneezewort Wildflower Seeds

Sneezewort Wildflower Seeds (Achillea ptarmica)


(£19.17 ex VAT)

An attractive perennial with short to medium height wildflowers with ruffed white flowers of the yarrow family.

Height: 25 - 50cm
Prefers: Damp or waterlogged soils
Flowers: July - September

Many butterflies and other insects depend on our disappearing native wild plants. By creating a wildlife area in your garden and growing native wildflowers, you will produce an attractive habitat for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife. 


Landlife wildflowers grow and supply wildflower plants as well as being primarily a wild flower seed supplier. You can find almost all of our wild flower plants as wildflower seeds, so keep ‘sowing and growing!’

Landlife Wildflowers are a British grower and supplier of Sneezewort Wildflower Seeds (Achillea ptarmica), wildflower plants & wildflower plug plants as well as being primarily a wild flower seed supplier. You can find almost all of our British wild flower plants and wildflower plug plants as wildflower seeds packs starting from as little as 10grams, so remember to keep sowing and growing those native British wild flowers and Sneezewort Wildflower Seeds (Achillea ptarmica) for future generations!