Using Plants

Our plants are grown in 7cm pots using peat-free compost and have established root growth when you receive them. They normally flower in their first season after planting, dropping more seed or developing runners to colonise naturally.

The best time to plant is early Spring, once the ground frosts have loosened the soil, and it begins to warm up. Keep plants well watered and don’t plant in drought conditions. Plants arrive in waterproof boxes and need to be unpacked quickly and watered. If you aren’t ready to plant out, keep them in their pots and water when the compost feels dry.

Plants can be added to a wildflower area any time of year, provided the conditions are neither too dry nor too cold. If you’re putting wildflower plants into a lawn or grassy area, you can mow them on a high setting - a ‘lazy lawn’ as it’s known! - a couple of times in the first year to encourage stronger root growth.

Group plants together in odd numbers of 3s, 5s etc rather than singly dotted about. They will form drifts, which are more natural looking, and colonise more easily.

Plants can also be lifted after a few years when they are large enough to colonise new areas. Dig them out carefully in the Spring or Autumn and replant as quickly as possible.

You can use them in gardens, allotments, community green space - or plant up some tubs and containers on your balcony or patio. A box of wildflower plants can make an unusual green gift too!