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Wildflower Gifts

Give a gift that looks beautiful while helping support nature and providing food and habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.


£10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT)
An attractive bag containing approx 100grams of Cornfield Annuals to cover an area of approx 20 sq metres. These annuals will create an' instant' profusion of stunning colour in year one. Seeds include Corncockle*, Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Corn Poppy*. Seeds are from Landlife Wildflowers .........the environment... More

£1.60 (£1.33 ex VAT)
A very common short lived perennial found in a variety of habits including grassland, woodland and garden lawns. Its creeping stems can spread over a wide area producing brilliant purple blooms. Flowering period: June to September Height 5 – 40cm Planting site: Sun or semi shade on most soil types Butterfly and catepillar food plant.... More

£1.60 (£1.33 ex VAT)
A beautiful native perenial growing in grassland and meadows. The deep yellow flowers are grouped on upright stalks growing from rosettes of crinkled leaves. Cowslips are a good nectar source for butterflies and bees. Cowslips are the food plants of the caterpillars of the Duke of Burgundy Fritillary. Height: 10-30cm... More

£1.60 (£1.33 ex VAT)
The flowers are reddish-purple and solitary with undivided petals. Once a common weed in the cornfields of England. Flowers from June to August. Seeds itself very prolifically and is related to other campions. Height: 30-100cm (12-40in). Planting site: Normal soil pH7. Sunny position near a fence or other support.... More

£1.60 (£1.33 ex VAT)
Glorious annual wild flower very like a single Chrysanthemum. Flowers from June to August. Prolific in it's production of flowers. Slightly fragrant and can be used as cut flowers. Height: 30-60cm (12-24in). Planting site: Soil normal - poor. pH7. Sunny position. Many butterflies and other insects... More

£5.00 (£4.17 ex VAT)
The Commemorative Poppy Flower Seeds Mix is a new mix specially created to commemorate the the 100th Anniversary of the 1914-18 World War. We have included a large percentage of the native Corn Poppy to ensure a colourful eye catching display. Sow the mix at 5g/m 2   Mixture Composition   35%... More

£1.60 (£1.33 ex VAT)
A tall, unbranched native perennial wild flower, common across England. It is a plant of hedgerows and woodlands. Flowering: The large purple, bell shaped wildflowers can be seen from July to September. Wild Flower Height: 50-100cm. Planting site: Partial shade on moist soils . How much Belfry flower... More

£8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT)
Selection pack containing some of our most popular wildflowers. Contains: Bats in the Belfry Cowslip Selfheal Field Scabious Corncockle Corn Marigold   Looking for a larger selection of wildflower seeds to create the perfect wildflower habitat? Did you know about our ranges... More