How to Sow Cornfield Annual Seeds| Wildflower Sowing Rate

Our Cornfield Annual Mixes are very easy to establish. They can be mixed with any of our perennial meadow mixes at a ratio of 2:1 to give first year colour or sown on their own between 1 and 5 grams per square metre for a showy display. Our How much seed will I need? page will help you to work out how much seed you need.


Easy to Grow

Our Cornfield Annual Mixes are easy to grow in a sunny spot, and create a stunning effect with blues, pinks, yellows, whites and reds. Sow in the Spring or Autumn. Spring sown flowers usually appear in about 12 weeks. Create a cornfield of flowers in borders and if you’ve only a small area, they are suitable for sowing into tubs and large plant pots for the patio. Watch birds and butterflies become regular visitors to your garden.

The Cornfield Companion is suitable for using with any of the meadow or border mixes in this catalogue. Sown in the Spring, it will ensure some colour for the meadow in the first year. Sow at 1 g per square metre.  


Sowing instructions

For a good show of Cornfield Annuals, sow at 5g per square metre into a clean well raked level area. Annuals prefer a rich soil, so if in doubt, add your usual fertiliser. Poor soil will result in stunted growth. Surface sow and keep well watered in dry spells.

No maintenance required until after the flowers have set seed. There are two ways of maintaining a cornfield annual patch.

  • Simply collect the ripe seed and dry out on absorbent paper in a warm spot and when thoroughly dry, store in a dry cool place over winter. Remove all dead vegetation and sow your fresh homegrown seed again the following Spring.
  • On light soils allow the seed to fall, remove all dead vegetation and simply rake the area over to trigger the germination again.
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