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Chavenage Bat Box

The Chavenage Bat Box is a single chamber quality nesting box for bats that provides a roost for a variety of species, e.g.:- Pipistrelle, Noctule, Leisler’s, Natterer’s, Daubenton’s and Brown Long-eared bats.
It will fit into any garden, woodland, or a house wall site. 
  • It is made from untreated, high-quality and durable FSC certified timber providing longevity and excellent insulation. 
  • Do not apply treatments to the timber as it will deter plants.
  • The bat box should be sited high, between 2.5m and 5m. 
  • Place the box, so it receives part sun during the day (North, South West or South East).

Bats are a schedule 1 protected species under the Wildlife & Countryside Act. It is illegal for any member of the public to disturb a roost, handle or kill any bat. Bat boxes therefore may only be inspected by a licensed bat worker. However, you can monitor your bat box without disturbance, look for mouse-sized droppings beneath the box as a clue to occupation or observe from a distance at dusk to see if bats are exiting the box to hunt.