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Wild Seed Mixtures

£3.79 (£3.16 ex VAT)
Butterfly Wildflower Collection This colourful wildflower seed packet collection contains seven species of wildflowers suitable for creating a tall border to attract and sustain butterflies and other pollinators. If possible, retain a small nettle patch in a sunny spot near the border to encourage a wider range of butterflies... More

£3.79 (£3.16 ex VAT)
This collection contains five species of wildflowers that were once common in our cornfields, but most are now scarce, due to modern agricultural practices. By growing this collection, you will be helping to conserve these beautiful wildflowers. To ensure good germination of these stunning cornfield annuals, sow in a well raked... More

£3.79 (£3.16 ex VAT)
Collection of annuals and perennials. Create your own cottage garden with swathes of purple, blue and white wildflowers topped by yellow. Flowering spikes which will last throughout the summer months. Chosen for their colour and beauty, these flowers attract birds, bees, butterflies and moths. Flowering time: May to August.... More

£3.79 (£3.16 ex VAT)
A collection of Annuals. Flowers of our once summer cornfields, the scarlet waves of Poppies mingle here with the pinks of Corncockle and Cornflower blue. A palette of annual flowers to create a stunning impression and butterflies will fill your garden - simply a wildlife delight.   Seed Contents ... More

£3.80 (£3.17 ex VAT)
Summer Glory Flower Seeds Description A collection of annuals and perennials. Create an explosion of colour and life in your garden with this stunning collection of wildflowers. Once familiar in cornfields and on road sides, our native annuals Poppies, Cornflowers and Corn Marigolds now need a helping hand to survive. They... More