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Wild Seed Mixtures

£3.80 (£3.17 ex VAT)
Summer Glory Flower Seeds Description A collection of annuals and perennials. Create an explosion of colour and life in your garden with this stunning collection of wildflowers. Once familiar in cornfields and on road sides, our native annuals Poppies, Cornflowers and Corn Marigolds now need a helping hand to survive. They... More

£10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT)
An attractive bag containing approx 100grams of Cornfield Annuals to cover an area of approx 20 sq metres. These annuals will create an' instant' profusion of stunning colour in year one. Seeds include Corncockle*, Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Corn Poppy*. Seeds are from Landlife Wildflowers .........the environment... More