Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Turf is the brand new solution to bringing extra wildlife and biodiversity to your garden, quickly and easily! Whether you’re looking for a subtle meadow, wildflowers to flourish in shaded areas or a burst of colour in your borders, then take a look below at the range of Wildflower Turf®!

Using Wildflower Turf allows you to create an instant wildflower meadow without the maintenance and preparation of alternative methods. Creating a display of wildflowers using turf creates a fantastic display of colour as well as increasing the food source for a wide range of pollinating insects, birds and bees!

This range of Wildflower Turf has been specifically chosen to include a diverse range of annual and perennial wildflowers, destined to get to maturity in a matter of a few weeks. Having been carefully selected to produce lengthy flowering displays, this turf ensures you can get the most out your display!

For further information about the Wildflower Turf® range, head over to our advice page or speak to one of our advisors today!

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  1. Wildflower Turf Accredited Partner Native Enriched Wildflower Turf®
    Native Enriched Wildflower Turf®

    Create a bold display of both native and naturalised wildflowers using the Native Enriched Wildflower Turf®! Carefully formulated to extend the flowering season, this turf is suited to a wide range of soils in both shaded and non-shaded areas. Lifted to order, this turf provides visual interest from early Spring to mid-Autumn, meaning you can get your dream wildflower meadow any time of the year!

    • Around 58 wildflower species* both native and naturalised 
    • Extended flowering season  
    • Creation of a bio-diverse habitat supporting a range of birds, bees and butterflies
    • Minimum established height: 30cm. Maximum established height: 75cm
    • Typical applications: gardens, parks, private grounds and estates

    *Get in touch today to find out our latest specification.

    Laying the turf just got even easier! This can be laid any time of the year, providing the ground isn’t frozen - ensuring time is on your side when creating the perfect biodiverse habitat!

    If you have a question about our Enriched Wildflower Turf, head over to our advice page to find out more on how to create your perfect meadow!

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  2. Wildflower Turf Accredited Partner Shade Tolerant Wildflower Turf®
    Shade Tolerant Wildflower Turf®

    Show the shaded areas in your garden some love with the Shade Tolerant Wildflower Turf®! With a minimum of 75% wildflowers, this turf has been carefully formulated to include species which thrive in shaded areas, ensuring you get maximum colour throughout all areas of your garden! Lifted and delivered throughout the year, this turf is well climatized to a range of soils throughout the UK.

    • Around 40 wildflower species*
    • UK Native perennial wildflower turf
    • Shade and drought tolerant in a range of soil types
    • Minimum established height: 30cm. Maximum established height: 75cm
    • Typical applications: areas where sunlight is limited

    *Get in touch today to find out the latest specification.

    This heavily perennial turf ensures long, colourful displays in your gardens, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value out of your Wildflower Turf!

    Head over to our advice page to find out more on how to create your perfect Wildflower Turf Meadow!

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