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Fleabane Wild Flower Plants

Fleabane Wildflower Seeds (Pulicaria dysenterica)


(£120.00 ex VAT)

Native perennial wild flower plant common in marshes, ditches and wet meadows.

Rare in Scotland.

Upright woolly wild flower plant with clusters of gold flowers during August and September.

Height: 25-60cm (10in - 2ft)
Prefers: Moist soils, sun

Landlife wildflowers grow and supply wildflower plants as well as being primarily a wildflower seed supplier. You can find almost all of our wild flower plants as wildflower seeds, so keep ‘sowing and growing!’

Landlife Wildflowers are a British grower and supplier of Fleabane Wildflower Seeds (Pulicaria dysenterica), wildflower plants & wildflower plug plants as well as being primarily a wild flower seed supplier. You can find almost all of our British wild flower plants and wildflower plug plants as wildflower seeds packs starting from as little as 10grams, so remember to keep sowing and growing those native British wild flowers and Fleabane Wildflower Seeds (Pulicaria dysenterica) for future generations!