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Buy wildlife homes for your garden to provide your outdoor visitors such as hedgehogs and bees with much-needed shelter.

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  1. Bee Barn
    Bee Barn

    The Bee Barn provides a safe habitat for all types of bees in your garden. As well as the bees that love this home you will find that other pollinators find solace in this beautiful barn. Nesting material can be added into the various compartments to help the other pollinators along!

    The bee barn has a recycled swivel door to allow access to the lower compartment. 

    This is best suited to a south or south-east facing wall. 

    You can also purchase our Bee Barn with 50g of our LWBP - 100% Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Seeds

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  2. Butterfly Barn
    Butterfly Barn

    The Butterfly Barn is a new addition to the barn range, this provides a safe environment for the butterflies and moths that visit your garden. It has a slatted centre provides resting and sheltering spots, the plastic door swivels to allow access to the nesting compartment for cleaning. 

    The bottom of the barn holds a small reservoir that can be filled up for feeding. 

    The barn has been produced from sustainable FSC certified wood and comes in an attractive gift box. 

    You can also purchase our Butterfly Barn with 50g of our LWBP - 100% Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Seeds

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  3. Ladybird & Insect Lodge
    Ladybird & Insect Lodge

    The ladybird lodge is a new addition to our website. The lodge has been designed to encourage natural predators into your garden to help keep pests away. 

    The lodge has a hinged roof so you are able to introduce your own material to enhance the sheltered environment. The lower chamber is filled with bamboo tubes for overwintering ladybirds, lacewings and invertebrates.The front of the lodge has holes designed to attract solitary bees into your garden. 

    The lodge is able to accept live Ladybirds and you can watch them through the perspex side window. 

    The ladybird lodge is made from environmentally sustainavle FSC certified timber.

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  4. Cabin Nester
    Cabin Nester

    The Cabin Nester is an open style nesting site with easy access ideal for small wild bird species. This nester has both an open entrance and secluded nest space behind the sidewall. As well as nesting smaller birds can use this cabin to shelter from the harsh colder weathers. 

    The Cabin Nester has a metal frame designed to give the structure strength and a cosy liner in the roof. The rattan landing platform and low wall divide the cabin into areas that are suitable for the bird to enter but ample space to create a nest.  

    You can also purchase our Cabin Nester with 50g of our LW14P - 100% Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds

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  5. Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel
    Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel

    The Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. Solitary bees are non-aggressive and safe around pets and children.

    The Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel is made from FSC certified timber with a decorative woven bamboo finish around the sides of the Dewdrop. The centre contains bamboo nesting tubes & a pretty aqua blue drilled log ideal for solitary bee nesting. No chemicals have been used in the construction of this habitat.

    You can also purchase our Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel with 50g of our LWBP - 100% Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Seeds

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  6. New England Nest Box
    New England Nest Box

    Reminiscent of New England beach huts, each house features real shingle roofs and lapboard sides and a silvered hole protector. The nest boxes are made from slow-seasoned FSC timber for longevity and durability.

    Perfect for small bird species such as blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits etc. Site the nestbox on a tree, wall or garden fitting at least 1.5m – 2.5m above the ground facing east if possible.

    The box should be left empty as wild birds will bring their nest material into the box. Nesting is most likely during April and May and in the event of chicks hatching there will be frenetic feeding activity by the parent birds. Take care not to disturb during this time as any intervention may result in the eggs or young being abandoned by the parent birds.

    You can also purchase our New England Nest Box with 50g of our LW14P - 100% Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds

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  7. Lutyens Swing Seat Feeder
    Lutyens Swing Seat Feeder

    The Lutyens Swing Seat feeder is a unique and attractive feeder that is inspired by the classic English country house style of architect Edwin Lutyens.

    The Lutyens feeder is made from FSC certified timber from well-managed sources and features a removable and washable hygienic feed tray. -- 

    • Suitable for a range of feed types such as seeds, nuts, mealworms or scraps.
    • It is perfect for feeding small bird species such as robins, great tits, blue tits who are small and agile and able to land lightly on the seat, arms or backrest. 
    • The swinging style and hanging ropes act as a deterrent to larger birds such as pigeons so the little birds can feed in peace.
    You can also purchase our Lutyens Swing Bird Feeder with 50g of our LW14P - 100% Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds
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  8. Friendly Bug Barn
    Friendly Bug Barn

    The Friendly Bug Barn insect home features lots of different textures, crevices and hollows, making it a multi-species shelter. Perfect for attracting ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees and possibly over-wintering butterflies too.

    The natural split log design has an opening lid which reveals the inner bug barn. You can add your choice of bug nesting material in here such as bark, straw or dried flower stems. The log walls are thick and chunky, providing a cosy and well-insulated sanctuary.

    The barn also combines bees tubes and drilled bee tubes which can be used by pollinating bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter bees.

    • Multi-species design
    • Made of FSC certified timber from sustainable sources
    • Ideal for ladybird larvae which eat aphids
    You can also purchase our Interactive Soiltary Bee Hive with 50g of our LWBP - 100% Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Seeds
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