Wildlife Homes

Buy wildlife homes for your garden to provide your outdoor visitors such as hedgehogs and bees with much-needed shelter.

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  1. Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel
    Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel
    The Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. Solitary bees are non-aggressive and safe around pets and children. The Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel is made from FSC certified timber with a decorative woven bamboo fi... More info
  2. Lutyens Swing Seat Feeder
    Lutyens Swing Seat Feeder
    The Lutyens Swing Seat feeder is a unique and attractive feeder that is inspired by the classic English country house style of architect Edwin Lutyens. The Lutyens feeder is made from FSC certified timber from well-managed sources and features a removable and washable hygienic feed tray. --  ... More info
  3. Friendly Bug Barn
    Friendly Bug Barn
    The Friendly Bug Barn insect home features lots of different textures, crevices and hollows, making it a multi-species shelter. Perfect for attracting ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees and possibly over-wintering butterflies too.The natural split log design has an opening lid which reveals the inn... More info
  4. The Butterfly Habitat
    The Butterfly Habitat
    The Butterfly Habitat provides a summer and winter house for butterflies. Use as a butterfly feeder in the summer with the nectar-feeding tray folded down to feed butterflies sweet ripe fruit. Fold the shelf up in winter to make a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies.The Butterfly ... More info
  5. Bug & Bee House
    Bug & Bee House
    Provide shelter for solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects such as lacewings with our new Bee & Bug House. These invertebrates fulfil the vital role of pollinating flowers and crops to keep our eco-system functioning. - Manufactured from durable natural FSC certified timber. -... More info
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