Interactive Solitary Bee Hive

£32.00 £26.67

The Solitary Bee Hive features an opening lid, and a perspex tray to see the buzzing world of bees inside without disturbance. Made with durable FSC certified timber and stacking trays to open for inspection and cleaning.

The hole sizes of this habitat are precisely specified to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee, Leafcutter Bee and other solitary bees. These friendly bees are industrious and safe around children and pets.

  • Roof section flips up to reveal a perspex covered tray for monitoring of bee activity.
  • Mount between ground level and 1.5m.
  • Durable FSC certified timber - No chemical treatments required.
  • Inspect stacking trays after bee activity has ceased (Autumn/Winter).
  • Protect full bee tubes with mesh to prevent predation by woodpeckers.