Lutyens Swing Seat Feeder

£20.00 £16.67

The Lutyens Swing Seat feeder is a unique and attractive feeder that is inspired by the classic English country house style of architect Edwin Lutyens.

The Lutyens feeder is made from FSC certified timber from well-managed sources and features a removable and washable hygienic feed tray. -- 

  • Suitable for a range of feed types such as seeds, nuts, mealworms or scraps.
  • It is perfect for feeding small bird species such as robins, great tits, blue tits who are small and agile and able to land lightly on the seat, arms or backrest. 
  • The swinging style and hanging ropes act as a deterrent to larger birds such as pigeons so the little birds can feed in peace.
You can also purchase our Lutyens Swing Bird Feeder with 50g of our LW14P - 100% Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds