LW10 - Coastal Areas 100%

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Containing nineteen UK Native wildflower species which are suitable for coastal areas. This mixture contains mainly perennial species to create a permanent wildflower area which establishes in the first year and flowers from the second year onwards.   LW10 supports bees, butterflies and other pollinators as 89% of the wildflowers included in this mixture are recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’.

Bedstraw, Lady's 6%, Campion, Bladder 4%, Carrot, Wild 6%, Cat's-ear, Common 2%, Clover, Haresfoot 5%, Daisy, Ox-eye 10%, Evening-primrose 6%, Goat's-beard 5%, Knapweed, Common 10%, Knapweed, Greater 6%, Marigold, Corn 3%, Poppy, Common 3%, St John's-wort, Common 4%, Toadflax, Common 4%, Trefoil, Bird's-foot Lotus 6%, Vetch, Kidney 8%, Viper's Bugloss 3%, Yarrow 4%, Yellow-rattle 5%