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Landlife Wildflowers supply UK native wildflower seeds (available as individual species and as mixtures) and wildflower plants. Our seeds are sustainably grown, harvested, dried, cleaned, and packed by hand to produce the best quality seeds. Our wildflower mixtures are 'Perfect for Pollinators', helping to support native bees and butterflies. Whether you need wildflower mixtures, straight wildflower seeds or wildflower plants they are all available to buy online.

Our team of wildflower experts are here to help. Not only can we create bespoke wildflower mixtures for specific conservation projects, we can provide help and guidence on creating wildflower habitats and wildflower meadows in gardens, grassland, parks, road verges and other areas. Get in touch, email info@wildflower.co.uk or call us on 01205 281 902

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