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Woodland Wildflower Plant Collection
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Woodland Wildflower Plant Collection

The collection of plugs that are available to make up this collection are all very tolerate of heavy shade. From the sweet aroma of Wild garlic to the dazzling yellow of Evening primrose this collection is sure to brighten up any woodland area. 

  • A minimum of 10 species will be chosen from the species list and used in equal quantities.
  • Suitable for the heavily shaded areas. 

Collection will contain a minimum of 10 species from below list;

Garlic mustard, Nettle leaved bellflower, Wild Foxglove, Meadowsweet, Hedge Bedstraw, Wood Avens, English Bluebell, Hairy St. John's wort, Wild Primrose, Self Heal, Red campion, Betony, Hedge Woundwort, Wood Sage, Upright hedge parsley.