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Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11M 80/20
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Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11M

A mix of twenty-one different UK-native wildflowers and grasses which will create a wonderful wild garden that will attract pollinators and grow year after year.

The species in this mix will tolerate acidic soils and flourish into a unique and vibrant flower meadow. 

Sowing Rate: 5g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Fragrant agrimony 1.0%, Betony 1.2%, Bird's-foot trefoil 1.0%, Greater Bird's-foot trefoil 0.8%, Meadow Buttercup 1.6%, Common Cat's-ear 0.4%, Cornflower 0.8%, Foxglove 0.8%, Common Knapweed 1.4%, Lady's bedstraw 1.0%, Ox-eye daisy 1.0%, Ragged robin 0.8%, Wood Sage 0.6%, Devil's-bit scabious 0.4%, Sneezewort 1.2%, Common Sorrel 1.0%, Sheep's sorrel 0.8%, Common St. John's-wort 0.6%, Tufted vetch 1.0%, Yarrow 1.6%, Yellow Rattle 1.0%, Common Bent 4.0%, Creeping Bent 3.2%, Crested dog’s tail 14.4%, Sheeps fescue 17.6%, Slender creeping red fescue 22.4%, Smooth-stalked meadow grass 4.8%, Sweet vernal 1.6%, Smaller Cat’s tail 6.4%, Wavy Harigrass 1.6%, Yorkshire Fog 4%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.