Wildflower Bulbs (Autumn Planted)

Autumn wildflower bulbs now available to order online. Landlife Wildflowers supply large, professional quality bulbs direct from the grower at low prices, so you don't need to compromise on price or quality.

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  1. Cyclamen Tubers (Cyclamen hederifolium) Delivery within 2-3 days
    Cyclamen Tubers (Cyclamen hederifolium)

    Hederifolium are pink with red eyes and silver spot leaves. 

    • Bulb Size: 15/20cm
    • Height: 15cm 
    • Blooms: September - November
    • These bulbs are supplied as dry tubers
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  2. Snowdrop (Giant) Bulbs (Galanthus elwesii) Delivery within 2-3 days
    Snowdrop (Giant) Bulbs (Galanthus elwesii)

    Galanthus elwesii snowdrop bulbs are giant-flowered snowdrops with honey-scented blooms, that will flower in the first year. Bulb size:5/6 cm Height :30cm Flowers: January-February

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  3. Winter Aconite Bulbs (Eranthus hyemalis) Delivery within 2-3 days
    Winter Aconite Bulbs (Eranthus hyemalis)

    Eranthus hyemalis produce bright yellow flowers in the depths of winter followed by attractive green foliage. It is one of the earliest flowering garden flowers.

    Bulb Size: 4/+cm
    Height: 10cm
    Flowers: January/February

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  4. Wood Anemone Bulbs (Anemone nemorosa) Delivery within 2-3 days
    Wood Anemone Bulbs (Anemone nemorosa)

    Anemone nemorosa just overlap with the flowering period of Bluebells and look stunning when planted together. Their star-like white flowers can be seen carpeting woodland floors before the trees burst into leaf.

    Bulb Size: S1
    Height: 20cm
    Flowers: February/April

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  5. Grape Hyacinth Bulbs (Muscari neglectum) Delivery within 2-3 days
    Grape Hyacinth Bulbs (Muscari neglectum)

    Grape hyacinth bulbs have spikes of blackish blue flowers. They prefer open, well drained soils.

    Bulb Size: 7/8cm
    Height: 15cm
    Flowers: March - April

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