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Wildflower Plants are easy to grow and can create a stunning display while providing nature with a real boost . They can used on their own to create areas of solid colour, or planted with other species to create a more natural wildflower area.  
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  1. Perfect for Pollinator Self Heal Plants (Prunella vulgaris)
    Self Heal Plants (Prunella vulgaris)
    A very common short lived perennial found in a variety of habits including grassland, woodland and garden lawns. Its creeping stems can spread over a wide area producing brilliant purple blooms. Height: 5 – 40cm Prefers: Sun or semi shade on most soil types Flowers: June to September Pre-orde... More info
  2. Sheep's Sorrel Plants (Rumex acetosella)
    Sheep's Sorrel Plants (Rumex acetosella)
    Reddish pink flower spikes, though smaller than Common Sorrel, and with daintier leaves. Height: 7-15cm Prefers: Sun Flowers: May-Aug... More info
  3. Sheepsbit Plants (Jasione montana)
    Sheepsbit Plants (Jasione montana)
    Masses of soft blue scabious flowers, self-seeds readily in favourable conditions. Height: 20cm Prefers: Sun, well-drained and slightly acidic soil Flowers: May Pre-order now for delivery in Spring 2020... More info
  4. Perfect for Pollinator Skullcap Plants (Scutellaria Galericulata)
    Skullcap Plants (Scutellaria Galericulata)
    A member of the mint family this attractive, small perennial with blue flowers is best found along shorelines and marshes.  Skullcap are commonly used in herbal teas for their traditional use as a mild anxiolytic. Height: 30cm Prefers: Sun and damp soil Flowers: August... More info
  5. Perfect for Pollinator Small Scabious Plants (Scabiosa columbaria)
    Small Scabious Plants (Scabiosa columbaria)
    In summer butterflies and bees flock to the small mauve button like flowers of this perennial. It can be found on very poor, dry, chalky soils throughout Britain. It has finely divided leaves, which are said to resemble the foot of a bird. Height: 15 – 70cm Prefers: Dry, free draining poor soils... More info
  6. Perfect for Pollinator Sneezewort Plants (Achillea ptarmica)
    Sneezewort Plants (Achillea ptarmica)
    An attractive perennial with short to medium height wildflowers with ruffed white flowers of the yarrow family. Height: 25 - 50cm Prefers: Damp or waterlogged soils Flowers: July - September... More info
  7. Soapwort Plants (Saponaria officinalis)
    Soapwort Plants (Saponaria officinalis)
    Flowers weakly-scented and clustered in the upper leaves, can be pale pink or white. Height: 50-70cm Prefers: Damp-moist soils, found along footpaths, waste ground, hedges and river banks Flowers: June - September... More info
  8. Spiked Speedwell Plants (Veronica spicata)
    Spiked Speedwell Plants (Veronica spicata)
    A good border plant with long spikes of intense blue flowers. Height: 30-60cm Prefers: Sun and well-drained soil Flowers: July onwards... More info
  9. Spiny Restharrow (Ononis spinosa)
    Spiny Restharrow (Ononis spinosa)
    Usually found in calcareous, chalky or infertile meadows Spiny Restharrow is a shrubby but showy plant. Great for wildlife due to being pollinated by bee's and has nectar rich flowers. In herbal medicine Spiny Restharrow has been used for joint and muscle pain. Height: 45cm Prefers: Full sun, well... More info
  10. Spotted Hawkweed Plants (Hieracium maculatum)
    Spotted Hawkweed Plants (Hieracium maculatum)
    Yellow flowers with attractive spotted leaves. Height: 45cm Prefers: Sun Flowers: June onwards... More info
  11. Sweet Cicley Plants (Myrrhis Odorota)
    Sweet Cicley Plants (Myrrhis Odorota)
    A tall, aromatic perennial plant. Sweet Cicely has petite white unbel flowers in early summer, followed by distinct, dark brown, aniseed-scented fruits. The flowers, leaves, roots and stems are all edible, and the fruits when ground can be used as a spice. Height: upto 200cm Prefers: Partial shad... More info
  12. Sweet Purple Violet Plants (Viola odorata)
    Sweet Purple Violet Plants (Viola odorata)
    Perennial. Much loved, fragrant purple flowers. This species has an unforgettable sweet scent on spreading plants. Needs the benefit of mid to dense shade. Flowers: March-April Requires: Shade Height: 5-10cm Pre- order now for delivery in April 2020... More info
  13. Tansy Plants (Tanacetum vulgare)
    Tansy Plants (Tanacetum vulgare)
    Perennial. An aromatic plant with golden yellow flowers and decorative leaves.  Height: 30-90cm Prefers: Sun  Flowers: July onwards... More info
  14. Perfect for Pollinator Teasel Plants (Dipsacus fullonum)
    Teasel Plants (Dipsacus fullonum)
    A native biennial found on rough grassland, roadsides and waste lands. In the first season it produces a rosette of sharp spikey leaves. In the second year it puts up a tall stem crowned with a spiny flower head with a band of mauve flowers. It is particularly attractive to insects and seed eating b... More info
  15. Perfect for Pollinator Tufted Hair-Grass Plants (Deschampsia cespitosa)
    Tufted Hair-Grass Plants (Deschampsia cespitosa)
    A tall, decorative grass species with a large feather like seed head. Good for: Bees and insects Height: 30-120cm Prefers: Damp Flowers: June to August Pre-order now for delivery in May 2020... More info
  16. Perfect for Pollinator Tufted Vetch Plants (Vicia cracca)
    Tufted Vetch Plants (Vicia cracca)
    Sprawling perennial plant with masses of small pea like purple flowers, the sweet pea of the meadow. Perennial. Showy blue-purple to pinkish-purple flowers. Height: 60 - 120 cm Flowers: June-September Requires: Sun, meadows, agricultural fields, woodland margins... More info
  17. Perfect for Pollinator Viper's Bugloss Plants (Echium vulgare)
    Viper's Bugloss Plants (Echium vulgare)
    Flowers on tall spikes with pink buds opening to a glorious display of vivid blue. A fantastic plant, highly attractive to bees. Height: 15-30cm Requires: Well-drained soil and full sun Flowers: June to September Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020.  ... More info
  18. Perfect for Pollinator Water Avens Plants (Geum rivale)
    Water Avens Plants (Geum rivale)
    A native perennial found in damp woodlands and wet meadows. It produces pretty peach coloured nodding blooms, which attract bees. It will readily hybridise with the closely related Wood Avens (Geum urbanum). Height: 40 – 60cm Prefers: Wet or damp soils in shade or a sunny aspect Flowerings: Apr... More info
  19. Perfect for Pollinator Water Edge Wildflower Plant Collection
    Water Edge Wildflower Plant Collection
    Water edge plugs - small plug plant species available from our range, all will tolerate flooding once established.... More info
  20. Water Figwort Plants (Scrophularia aquatica)
    Water Figwort Plants (Scrophularia aquatica)
    Perennial. Flowers in a narrow spike with flowers that are a dark reddish colour. Height: 60-80cm Prefers: Damp woods, hedges, damp soil Flowers: June - September... More info
  21. Perfect for Pollinator Water Mint Plants (Mentha aquatica)
    Water Mint Plants (Mentha aquatica)
    Aromatic perennial with minty smell. Purple stems with dense flower clusters at the end of each stem. Height: 60-80cm Prefers: Wet meadows, wet woodlands, marshes, riverbanks. Usually on calcareous soils. Flowers: July to October Pre-order now for delivery in May 2020... More info
  22. Perfect for Pollinator Wavy Hair-Grass Plants (Deschampsia flexuosa)
    Wavy Hair-Grass Plants (Deschampsia flexuosa)
    A medium height grass with slender stalks and purplish spikelets. Good for: Bees and insects Height: 30-45cm Prefers: Acidic soils Flowers: June to July... More info
  23. Perfect for Pollinator Weld Plants (Reseda luteola)
    Weld Plants (Reseda luteola)
    Weld is a biennial plant that has similar characteristics to Wild Mignonette. With dark gren wavy edged leaves and yellowish- green flowers it will stand proud. Height: 1-1.5m Prefers: Sun, Waste ground and field margins Flowers: May - OctoberPre- order now for delivery in April 2020... More info
  24. Perfect for Pollinator White Deadnettle Plants (Lamium Album)
    White Deadnettle Plants (Lamium Album)
    Sometimes known as White Nettle the young leaves can be used in salads or cooked as a vegetable. It is also often called the Bee Nettle due to it being a good early source of nectar and pollen which makes it very attractive to Bees especially Bumble Bees. Height: 15 - 30cm Prefers: Sun, moist fert... More info
  25. Perfect for Pollinator Wild Angelica Plants (Angelica sylvestris)
    Wild Angelica Plants (Angelica sylvestris)
    A native perennial common in England and Wales, usually in wetter lands and fens. A tall hariless plant that can grow up to two metres. Stems hollow and purpleish, flowers white or pink. Height: Up to 2 metres Prefers: Damp meadows, wet woodlands and fenland Flowers: July to Sept... More info
  26. Wild Basil Plants (Clinopodium vulgare)
    Wild Basil Plants (Clinopodium vulgare)
    A native perennial common in England and Wales, usually in shaded areas. Downey and faintly aromatic with whirls of pinkish purple. Height: 30-60cm Prefers: Part/Full shade Flowers: March - May Good for: Bees... More info
  27. Perfect for Pollinator Wild Carrot Plants (Daucus carota)
    Wild Carrot Plants (Daucus carota)
    The white umbelliferous flowers have a slight pinkness to them, good to grow with scabious. Good for drying  Height: 50 - 150cm Prefers: Dry free draining soil in full sun Flowers: June - September Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020... More info
  28. Perfect for Pollinator Wild Marjoram Plants (Origanum vulgare)
    Wild Marjoram Plants (Origanum vulgare)
    A tall, woody, aromatic perennial common in dry pastures and hedge banks particularly on chalky soils. The leaves can be used for culinary purposes in the same way as cultivated Origanums. The pinky white flowers produce large amounts of nectar and are therefore very popular with butterflies and bee... More info
  29. Perfect for Pollinator Wild Mignonette Plants (Reseda lutea)
    Wild Mignonette Plants (Reseda lutea)
    French for little darling, this hairless perennial has wavy leaves and yellow/greenish flowers. Height: 25-60cm Prefers: Sun, Waste ground and field margins Flowers: May - October Pre-order now for April 2020... More info
  30. Wild Primrose Plants (Primula vulgaris)
    Wild Primrose Plants (Primula vulgaris)
    The beautifully scented buttery yellow flowers of this native perennial were once a common sight along hedgerows and woodlands across Britain. It is now less common, but is still heralds the beginning of spring and provides an early source of nectar for Bumblebees emerging from hibernation. Height:... More info
  31. Wild Red Clover Plants (Trifolium pratense)
    Wild Red Clover Plants (Trifolium pratense)
    Perennial. With rounded flower heads and a pinkish-red clover with trefoil leaves. A crucial ingredient in a spring meadow. Height: 10-45cm Prefers: Sun and well-drained soil Flowers: May-September Pre-order now for delivery week commencing 22nd of April 2019 ... More info
  32. Perfect for Pollinator Wild Strawberry Plants (Fragaria vesca)
    Wild Strawberry Plants (Fragaria vesca)
    A spreading native perennial, which produces long runners, which root at intervals to produce new plants. It produces a white flower and a sweet mini strawberry fruit. It is common in woodlands and grassland across Britain. It is the larval food plant of the Grizzled Skipper butterfly. Height: 5 - ... More info
  33. Wild Thyme Plants (Thymus polytrichus)
    Wild Thyme Plants (Thymus polytrichus)
    The pale purple flowers can be found throughout Britain on dry grassland such as heaths, dunes and downland. A perennial, it can form large mats which attract numerous bumblebees. It has low sprawling stems, a distinctive aroma and can be used in cooking in the same way you would use cultivated Thym... More info
  34. Perfect for Pollinator Wild White Clover Plants (Trifolium repens)
    Wild White Clover Plants (Trifolium repens)
    A perennial evergreen creeping plant that stays greener during drought conditions featuring 2-lobed leaves and white flowers that smell faintly of honey. Height: 10-20cm but can adapt to being cut short in a lawn Prefers: All types of grassland, lawns, waste ground, and footpaths Flowers: May-Se... More info
  35. Perfect for Pollinator Wood Avens Plants (Geum urbanum)
    Wood Avens Plants (Geum urbanum)
    A scrambling perennial commonly found in a wide variety of habitats including woods and hedges. It has small yellow star shaped flowers and is a member of the rose family. Also known as Herb Bennet, Wood Avens will readily cross with its close relative Water Avens (Geum rivale). Height: 30 – 60cm... More info
  36. Wood Forget-me-not Plants (Myosotis sylvativa)
    Wood Forget-me-not Plants (Myosotis sylvativa)
    A showy pale blue with a tinge of pink flower which are often found in woodlands and the occasional hedgrow. Height: Upto 30cm Requires: Semi Shade Flowers: April - July Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020... More info
  37. Perfect for Pollinator Wood Sage Plants (Teucrium scorodonia)
    Wood Sage Plants (Teucrium scorodonia)
    A good woodland subject with lovely crinkly light green leaves and greenish-yellow flowers with prominent maroon stamens. Height: 30cm Prefers: Shade Flowers: July - Septemer Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020... More info
  38. Perfect for Pollinator Yarrow Plants (Achillea millefolium)
    Yarrow Plants (Achillea millefolium)
    A very common perennial wildflower found in grassland, roadsides and waste ground. The leaves are feathery and put out a strong aroma when crushed. The white flower heads are attractive to Hover Flies. Height: 10 – 45cm Prefers: Full sun or partial shade on most soil types Flowers: June to Augu... More info
  39. Yellow-Flag Iris Plants (Iris pseudarcorus)
    Yellow-Flag Iris Plants (Iris pseudarcorus)
    Brightly coloured yellow flowers with sword shaped leaves. Will stand in water.  Height: 90cm Prefers: Most situations Flowers: June to August... More info
  40. Perfect for Pollinator Yellow-Rattle Plants (Rhinanthus minor)
    Yellow-Rattle Plants (Rhinanthus minor)
    Annual. Also known as Hay-rattle, hemi-parasite that needs grass to grow. Pale Yellow, mature seed pods rattle. Height: 20 - 50 cm Requires: All types of grassland Flowers: June - September Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020... More info
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