Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Turf is the brand new solution to bringing extra wildlife and biodiversity to your garden, quickly and easily! Whether you’re looking for a subtle meadow, wildflowers to flourish in shaded areas or a burst of colour in your borders, then take a look below at the range of Wildflower Turf®!

Using Wildflower Turf allows you to create an instant wildflower meadow without the maintenance and preparation of alternative methods. Creating a display of wildflowers using turf creates a fantastic display of colour as well as increasing the food source for a wide range of pollinating insects, birds and bees!

This range of Wildflower Turf has been specifically chosen to include a diverse range of annual and perennial wildflowers, destined to get to maturity in a matter of a few weeks. Having been carefully selected to produce lengthy flowering displays, this turf ensures you can get the most out your display!

For further information about the Wildflower Turf® range, head over to our advice page or speak to one of our advisors today!

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  1. Wildflower Turf Accredited Partner Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf®
    Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf®

    Renovate your garden using Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf®! This turf combines over 30 UK Native wildflowers and grasses to create a natural ‘hay meadow’ appearance. Designed to excel in areas of both shade and light in a vast array of soils, this quick and easy method is perfect to transform your garden in next to no time! Using a unique soil-less production system, this turf ensures weed-free results, guaranteeing great displays every time!

    • Over 30 UK Native wildflowers*
    • Shade and drought tolerant in a wide range of soils
    • Hardy and well climatised to UK climate
    • Minimum established height: 30cm. Maximum established height: 75cm
    • Typical applications: gardensparksprivate grounds and estates

    *Get in touch today to find out the latest specification.

    This Native Wildflower Turf provides the perfect, low maintenance solution to wildflower meadows inclusive of a minimum of 75% wildflowers.

    Head over to our advice page to find out more on how to create your perfect Wildflower Turf Meadow!

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