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Butterfly and Bee

Chosen by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as being "perfect for pollinators" these nectar rich seed mixes provide food and habitats for the 1500 species of native bees, butterflies and other pollinators across the UK. They are easy to grow and create a stunning effect while creating a haven for wildlife.

Butterfly and Bee Wildflower Seeds LWBP 100%
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All Things Bright and Beautiful Butterfly and Bees Wildflower Seeds LWBP

A rich variety of plants with high nectar to attract bees and other pollinators . Get back in touch with nature with our specially-crafted mix of wildflower seeds for bees and butterflies. Using only the most nectar-rich of stunning species, this collection is nothing short of a floral feast for our treasured pollinators, such as the buff-tailed bu...

Countryside Delight Flower Mixture
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Countryside Delight Flower Mixture

A combination of native wild flower species, farmland crops and 'super' pollinators to create a colourful habitat for birds, pollinators and small mammals. Long-lasting, full summer colour Bountiful source of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies and ot...

Butterfly and Bee Wildflower Seeds LWBM 80/20
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Butterfly and Bees Blooming Marvellous Wildflower Seed Mixture LWBM

Beautiful for your garden and beneficial to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. For this collection, we’ve chosen nothing but the best for bees and butterflies - a treasure trove of nectar-rich wildflowers recommended by the RHS, along with a wide variety of perennials and grasses to develop a hearty habitat for passing pollinators that’s ...

Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds LW9M 80/20
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Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds LW9M

Our signature Cornfield Annuals mix includes bold and crisp colouration for any number of occasions! Though not not as persistent as a perennial meadow mix, they can help to suppress weeds and nurse developing flowers; combined with our rich variety of grass seeds. This mix promises a strong start for a budding gardener making their own meadow, as ...

Traditional Meadow Wildflower Seeds LW1M 80/20
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Traditional Meadow Wildflower Seeds LW1M

Nothing quite compares to the natural style of a British wild meadow, which is why this classy collection seeks to capture its charm as much as it can. Containing twenty-three different species of UK-native wildflowers and grasses, such as the iconic Ox-eye Daisy and the sweet Forget-Me-Not, this is a seed mix suitable for a wide variety of soil ty...