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Wildflower Mixes 100%

At Landlife Wildflowers, we've been supplying pure wildflower seed mixes of 100%, native wildflower species for over twenty years - grown and harvested right here in the UK. Our range of habitat seed mixtures are created with nature in mind, containing species found in the natural British landscape and providing vital food and shelter for wildlife, including butterflies, bees, and birds.

Choose from our huge range below to create bright and beautiful meadows and border displays. Buy the finest quality wildflower seeds with confidence from Landlife Wildflowers - trusted by the Wildlife Trusts, Conservation Charities and the general public for over twenty years. Find out more about the Landlife Wildflowers mission by visiting our about us page and read all about our commitment to high-quality, provenance-assured wildflower seeds on our quality page. 

Wildflower Seeds For Bees
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All Things Bright and Beautiful Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Seeds LWBP

A rich variety of plants with high nectar to attract bees and other pollinators. Get back in touch with nature with our specially-crafted mix of wildflower seeds for bees and butterflies. Using only the most nectar and pollen-rich species, this collection is nothing short of a floral feast for our treasured pollinators, such as the buff-tailed bumblebee and red admiral butterfly.

Brimming with ...

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Dual Purpose Wildflower Seeds LWXP

Dual Purpose combines a feast of annual and perennial wildflowers for both 'instant' colour and a long-lasting meadow. Five bold cornfield annuals species, including cornflower and poppy, will bloom beautifully in the first year while the perennial plants develop. From year two, these stunning, long-lasting species will flower for years to come, creating a permanent wildflower area.

Not only do...

Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds LW9P 100%
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Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds LW9P

Behold, this boldly-coloured combination of our most popular annuals! The classically-charming Chamomile, the distinct and beautiful blue petals of the Cornflower, bright Marigold petals and rich red Poppies make for a vibrant palette that works well on its own or bolstering a blooming perennial patch for some first year colour.

All the flowers in this collection are recommended by the RHS as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’. ...

Wildflowers for Wild Birds
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Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds LW14P 100%

Looking to care for the wildlife? This carefully planned mix of UK-native wildflower seeds is everything you need and more to form a perfect patch of wildflowers to attract birds, bees, butterflies and insects.

The beautiful, native wildflower species in this mix support bees and butterflies, as well as other insects attractive to wild birds through the summer. The addition of a variety of gra...

Restore and Enrich Wildflower Seeds
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Restore and Enrich Wildflower Seeds LWRE

Restore and Enrich Wildflower Seeds is a collection of native species specifically for overseeding and enriching existing meadows or grassland areas. The wildflowers contained are some of the most common in the British landscape and have been selected for their ease of establishment and competitiveness against grass and other plants

This meadow mix consists of mainly perennial species plus a...

Traditional Meadow Wildflower Seeds LW1P 100%
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Traditional Meadow Wildflower Seeds LW1P

A mixture of common, native wildflower species that adorn the UK countryside, to make your very own wild meadow. Comprising many popular and traditional wildflowers such as the classic Ox-eye daisy, the revered St John’s-wort and the majestic Foxglove, choose this mix to recreate the quintessential British wildflower meadow.

Suitable for a wide range of soil types and like all of our wild...

Chalk and Limestone Soils Wildflower Seeds LW2P 100%
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Chalk and Limestone Soils Wildflower Seeds LW2P

Choose this mix to create diverse wildflower meadows on chalky, calcareous or limestone-based soils. Contains a plethora of tall, perennial wildflowers in pleasing pastel shades, traditionally found in natural downland meadows. From the sunny-yellow spires of agrimony to the purple pincushions of knapweed, this mix is both pleasing to the eye and appreciated by bees and butterflies.

Contains 23 different native wildflower species. ...

Dry, Sandy and Loam Soils Wildflower Seeds LW3P 100%
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Dry, Sandy and Loam Soils Wildflower Seeds LW3P

This selection of perennial, UK native wildflowers contains species suited to dry, sandy and well-draining soils, with a particularly bright and summery range of colours.

From buttercups to bedstraw and toadflax to trefoil, this mix creates a permanent wildflower area with a golden glow - treasured by you and attractive to a range of pollinators and wildlife. 

Contains 24 different native wildflower species. ...

Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds LW4P 100%
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Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds LW4P

For loam and alluvial soils, we recommend this mix of UK native wildflowers. Not only are they beautiful in open, grassy areas, but they’ve been chosen specifically for their long-lasting benefit to the wildlife, created from the diverse range of perennial species.

Containing a mixture of native wildflowers from the distinctive sweet aroma of lady's bedstraw to the delicate spikes of common knapweed, ...

Heavy Clay and Wet Soils Wildflower Seeds LW5P 100%
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Heavy Clay Soils Wildflower Seeds LW5P

This mix of wildflowers species is selected specifically for use on heavy clay soils, filled with beautiful perennials which will form a magnificent wildflower meadow and flower year after year.

Fall in love with this mix of medium-to-tall, nectar-rich wildflowers such as the sharp, star-like scabious and the thin, winding meadowsweet.

Contains 24 different native wildflower species.

Sowing Rate:...

Ragged Robin Pond Edge Wildflower Seeds
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Wetland and Pond Edge Wildflower Seeds LW6P

What a way to introduce a wonderful wildflower area to a watery garden! This wildflower collection is overflowing with a wide variety of native UK wildflowers that are sure to make a splash! These RHS-recommended, nectar-rich flowers will attract plentiful pollinators to your wetland area, year after year. Well-suited to pond edges and river-sides.

Contains 22 different native wildflower species. ...

Hedgerow and Shade Wildflower Seeds LW7P 100%
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Hedgerow and Light Shade Wildflower Seeds LW7P

Every flower deserves its time to shine - even those which prefer less sunlight! This specially-prepared collection of UK native wildflowers works best in hedgerows and lightly-shaded areas.

With a variety of hardy perennials attractive to pollinators, such as the pastel campion and the versatile vetch, there’s no better way to brighten that shaded area of your garden or meadow.

Contains 22 different native wildflower species. ...

Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8P 100%
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Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8P

A bundle of twenty-four different wildflowers, best-suited for heavily-shaded areas and woodland. For those who really want a fabulous fairy-tale view, this collection’s for you - its plentiful perennials will litter your ground and bloom for years to come, creating a gorgeous garden grove awash with petals!

Perfect for those who want a dazzling display in a darker spot, with nectar-rich flo...

Coastal Wildflowers
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Coastal Areas Wildflower Seeds LW10P

Our mixture of wildflower seeds best suited for coastal areas contains hardy perennials and amazing annuals which bring the best blooms from the sparse, sandy seaside to your garden in full force.

This collection of nectar-rich, UK native wildflowers will leave your garden awash in a charming combination of coastal colours, from bugloss blue to daisy white, like the ocean and its foam shimmerin...

Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11P
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Acidic Soils Wildflowers Seeds LW11P

A collection of twenty-one hardy wildflowers for acidic soils. Plenty of our picks from this mix have an unusual and unique flair, like the Ragged Robin’s thin, fuchsia finery.

You’ll be getting a wide variety of wildflowers to spice up the garden and attract bees and butterflies! These will help to create a classical flower meadow in exceptionally poor soils. 

Contains 21 different native wildflower species. ...

Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12P 100%
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Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12P 100%

How low can you grow?! Find out with this collection of low-growing wildflowers, well-suited for areas which require greater visibility: roadsides, at the front of a bed, or maybe just anywhere you’d want a blanket of beautiful blooms to attract pollinators and grow year after year.

Contains 20 different native wildflower species.

Sowing Rate: 3 grams per sq/m - 1kg covers 330sq/m


Countryside Delight Flower Mixture
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Countryside Delight Flower Mixture

A combination of native wild flower species, farmland crops and 'super' pollinators to create a  colourful habitat for birds, pollinators and small mammals

This mix provides long-lasting, full summer colour with a bountiful source of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies and other pollinators. Provides winter food and shelter for birds and small mammals.

Over twenty species includi...

Landlife Wildflowers also supply a comprehensive range of alternative wildflower seed products, including wildflower meadow mixes containing both wildflowers and wild grasses - perfect for larger areas or to create a natural, wild look to replicate a traditional British meadow.


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