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Wildflower & Grass Mixes 80/20

Our range wildflower meadow mixtures are created using UK native wildflowers and meadow grasses to create a natural grassland wildflower meadow. These blends of suitable wildflowers and grasses are carefully formulated to contain the correct species and proportions for natural and diverse meadows.

With mixtures tailored to different soil types and environments, it's easy to find a mixture that will thrive in your area for that natural, wild look. For smaller areas or for maximum visual impact, consider our range of 100% wildflower mixtures, containing nothing but pure wildflower seeds.

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Butterfly and Bees Blooming Marvellous Wildflower Seed Mixture LWBM

Beautiful for your garden and beneficial to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. For this collection, we’ve chosen nothing but the best for bees and butterflies - a treasure trove of nectar-rich wildflowers recommended by the RHS, along with a wide variety of perennials and grasses to develop a hearty habitat for passing pollinators that’s ...

Dual Purpose Wildflower Seeds LWXM 70/30
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Dual Purpose Wildflower Seeds LWXM

An ideal seed collection for creating a beautiful and well-balanced wild meadow. This mixture will inject a burst of colour as well as providing a canvas of meadow grasses.

We’ve selected a wide variety of annuals that will help to add colour in the first year as perennial plants develop, with additional species of robust grasses to create a

Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds LW9M 80/20
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Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds LW9M

Our signature Cornfield Annuals mix includes bold and crisp colouration for any number of occasions! Though not not as persistent as a perennial meadow mix, they can help to suppress weeds and nurse developing flowers; combined with our rich variety of grass seeds.

This mix promises a strong start for a budding gardener making their own meadow, ...

Traditional Meadow Wildflower Seeds LW1M 80/20
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Traditional Meadow Wildflower Seeds LW1M

Nothing quite compares to the natural style of a British wild meadow, which is why this classy collection seeks to capture its charm as much as it can.

Containing twenty-three different species of UK-native wildflowers and grasses, such as the iconic Ox-eye Daisy and the sweet Forget-Me-Not, this is a seed mix suitable for a wide variety of soil types ...

Chalk and Limestone Soils Wildflower Seeds LW2M 80/20
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Chalk and Limestone Soils Wildflower Seeds LW2M

This mixture of UK-native wildflower and grass seeds has been selected as the most ideal for chalk and limestone soil. Dry soils such as these aren’t known for being as fertile, make up for that by bearing some especially striking species such as the soft-looking Scabious and the striking spikes of Sainfoin.

Many of these are boisterous blooms and grasses that grow year after year...

Dry, Sandy and Loam Soils Wildflower Seeds LW3M 80/20
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Dry, Sandy and Loam Soils Wildflower Seeds LW3M

Suited for dry, sandy soils, this special collection has everything you need to form a field of summery wildflowers to last for years to come.

On top of being perfect for pollinators, many of these plants are hardy and drought-resistant and can even be used for a green roof! An excellent meadow-making mix, guaranteed to bring a balanced and natural-looking ...

Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds LW4M 80/20
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Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds LW4M

Prized for its excellent water-holding and nutrient-holding capacity, a meadow of wildflowers on alluvial soil is sure to be robust and beautiful!

This wildflower seed collection keeps both appearance and practicality in mind, with a wide variety of nectar-rich annual and perennial flower seeds mixed in with wild grasses; balanced to create a natural-looking wild meadow ...

Heavy Clay and Wet Soils Wildflower Seeds LW5M 80/20
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Heavy Clay Soils Wildflower Seeds LW5M

A mixture of twenty-four UK Native wildflower and grass seeds, best suited for heavy clay soils. Soils of this quality have a tendency to dry up in warmer seasons, so ensure that your meadow is well-watered in the first year as the perennial plants develop.

From there, you’ll receive an easy-to-care-for and natural-looking wildflower meadow wi...

Wetland and Pond Edge Wildflower Seeds LW6M 80/20
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Wetland and Pond Edge Wildflower Seeds LW6M

A set of twenty-two diverse species of wildflower seeds, which we suggest as an ideal starter for a wildmeadow in wetlands, or by the edge of the water. As the name suggests, this collection will be resistant to over-watering, and our collection of nectar-rich flowers and hardy grasses are important sources of food and habitation for bees, butterflies and other pond-side critters. ...

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Hedgerow and Light Shade Wildflower Seeds LW7M

Suitable for sun and semi-shade, this collection of wildflower and grass seeds makes for a pleasing display around hedgerows. Their colours even match their growing style, with a mix of both glowing gold-petalled flowers, such as the classic Meadow Buttercup and St. John’s Wort, as well as dark and rich shades of pink and purple like those in the...

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Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8M

The untamed beauty of the deep British woodlands is hard to beat- and our collection of UK-native wildflowers and grasses help to capture the best of the best. A majority of these fantastic flowers have been recommended by the RHS as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’, and well-balanced with a variety of ornamental and beneficial grasses, such as the Sl...

Coastal Areas Wildflower Seeds LW10M 80/20
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Coastal Areas Wildflower Seeds LW10M

Contains nineteen UK-native flowers and grasses, in a rich variety that’s certain to make a gorgeous and natural-looking wild meadow that will bloom for years to come.

We’ve picked species that are wind- and salt-tolerant for coastal gardens, including some attractive specimens such as the uniquely-shaped, coral-coloured Bladder Campion. Beneficial to pollinators. ...

Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11M 80/20
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Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11M

A mix of twenty-one different UK-native wildflowers and grasses which will create a wonderful wild garden that will attract pollinators and grow year after year.

The species in this mix will tolerate acidic soils and flourish into a unique and vibrant flower meadow. 

This mix contains 21 different flower species and 10 meadow grasses.

Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12M 80/20
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Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12M

For those who want some wild beauty for a lawn, this may be the perfect mix for you: containing a wide variety of nectar-rich, low-growing species for a brilliant blend of colours, grown alongside various verdant grasses for a one-of-a-kind display.

Ideal for situations where more visibility is required, such as roadsides.

This mix contains 20 different flower species and 6 meadow grasses. ...

Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds LW14M 80/20
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Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds LW14M

Many of our seed collections benefit bees and butterflies - but this one goes the extra mile in caring for the wildlife. Create a permanent patch of gorgeous wild flowers and grasses which provide not only nectar, but seeds that help feed wild birds over winter.

An excellent way to co-exist with nature; versatile and suitable for most soils, co...