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Thank you for visiting Landlife Wildflowers, we are ready to help you with your enquiry. To protect the health and wellbeing of our staff we have adopted remote working, so instead of answering incoming telephone calls we will ring you back. For advice or orders please email info@wildflower.co.uk. Include your telephone number so we can call you back - we will respond promptly.

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Landlife Wildflowers supply a huge range of UK native wildflower seeds (available as individual species and as mixtures), wildflower plants. and wildflower bulbs. Our wild flower seeds are produced to the highest quality. Wildflower seed mixtures are 'Perfect for Pollinators', helping to support native bees and butterflies, ideal for use in gardens, meadows and urban areas.

Our team of wild flower seed experts are here to help - we can create bespoke wildflower mixtures for specific conservation projects and provide help and guidance on creating wildflower habitats.

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