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Wildflower bulbs 'in the green'

Flower bulbs in the green are available from mid-January until early April. The bulbs will be delivered at various growth stages, depending on when they are purchased. 

The main positive of buying bulbs ‘in the green’ is that the flower is already forming and the root system is well developed. This helps to protect against vermin attack and ensures reliable and healthy plants for naturalising. 

Why plant bulbs 'in the green'?
  • Bulbs planted ‘in the green’ are already forming, therefore, establishing much faster than autumn planted bulbs. 
  • Hard to double plant as you can visibly see where you have planted your bulbs.
  • Easy to avoid having bare patches as each bulb is visible once planted.
  • Perfect for beginners due to their ease of use.
  • High-quality perennials that will come back looking fantastic year after year.

Useful Tips:
  • Handle with care as they are more fragile than autumn planted bulbs due to their stage of growth.
  • Bulbs need to be planted within a few days to prevent them from wilting.
  • Plant from mid-January through to April. Later planted stocks are more developed and the flowers have disappeared, so all the plant needs to concentrate on is the root and plant development for future seasons. 

Snowdrop species will have leaf formation and early flower growth when supplied in January, and a more advanced flower form in February and March and supplied with the flowers dying back in April.
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Bluebells will be supplied in the shooting stage in January through to March, with leaf formation appearing late March into April.
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Winter Aconites
In January, the flower bulbs will be shooting and showing the first signs of bud. From February to March the flowers will begin to open, while in April the flowers will start to go over.
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Wild Daffodils
Wild daffodils will be in the early stages of shooting during January, and this will gradually develop through February and March with the formation of the flower. April will see the flowers start to wilt.
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