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Wildflower Plants

Wildflower plants provide a quick and easy way to establish or improve an area of wildflowers. The plants are available in a wide range of species and are supplied as 40cc plugs.

Wildflower Plug Plant Size
The plants are 40cc plugs, supplied in plastic trays in multiples of twenty-five. (Picture below: 40cc Primrose Plug Plants)
Landlife Plug Plants Coin
Wildflower Plug Plant Age
All wildflower species will take differing periods to establish. Some can be ready in as little as two months after the seed has germinated whereas some of the slowest to establish, such as Cowslip, can take around nine months to be ready.

Wildflower Plug Plant Packaging
Wildflower plants are supplied in custom made cardboard boxes. The plants fit in the boxes perfectly to ensure that they do not move around and get damaged in transit. We dispatch the plugs on an overnight courier service to minimise the amount of time the plants are enclosed in the box. We do not dispatch the plants on a Friday as this would result in them being in the box over the weekend. (Picture below: Twenty-five wildflower plants in a mail-order box.)
Landlife Plug Plants
Wildflower Plug Plant Availability
Available all year except during periods of icy weather when the plugs are frozen. They are all grown outside in unheated polytunnels; this means that they are very hardy and can be planted at any time of the year. We have annual species, such as Poppy and Yellow Rattle, which are only available in the spring. We have up to one hundred and fifty different species available and can supply them in almost any quantity.