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  1. How to Sow Cornfield Annual seeds

    How to Sow Cornfield Annual seeds

    Our Cornfield Annual Mixes are very easy to establish. They can be mixed with any of our perennial meadow mixes at a ratio of 2:1 to give first year colour or sown on their own between 1 and 5 grams per square metre for a showy display. Our How much seed will I need? page will help you to work out how much seed you need.

    Easy to Grow

    Our Cornfield Annual Mixes are easy to grow in a sunny spot, and create a stunning effect with blues, pinks, yellows, whites and reds. Sow in the Spring or Autumn. Spring sown flowers usually appear in about 12 weeks. Create a cornfield of flowers in borders and if you’ve only a small area, they are suitable for sowing into tubs and large plant pots for the patio. Watch birds and butterflies become regular visitors to your garden.

    The Cornfield Companio

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  2. Using Plants

    Using Plants

    Our plants are grown in 7cm pots using peat-free compost and have established root growth when you receive them. They normally flower in their first season after planting, dropping more seed or developing runners to colonise naturally.

    The best time to plant is early Spring, once the ground frosts have loosened the soil, and it begins to warm up. Keep plants well watered and don’t plant in drought conditions. Plants arrive in waterproof boxes and need to be unpacked quickly and watered. If you aren’t ready to plant out, keep them in their pots and water when the compost feels dry.

    Plants can be added t

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  3. Sowing Wildflower Perennial Mixes

    Sowing Wildflower Perennial Mixes

    Sow in the Spring or Autumn at around 1g per m2. Good ground preparation is essential.

    Wildflowers will not survive or compete in areas of lush grass or weed growth such as thistle, bindweed and nettle. It may be that you need to spend a season clearing the ground of all weeds before attempting to sow. Don’t sow perennial wildflowers into problem areas or in heavy shade such as below conifers, it won’t work.

    If we could give you only one piece of advice it would be hold back sowing your wildflower seeds to give time for weed seedlings to emerge from freshly rotovated or dug over soil. Weed s

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  4. How much seed will I need?

    How much seed will I need?

    Sowing rate for Annuals

    Annuals are usually sown at 5g per m2.

    Area in m2 Seed Required

    1 m2 = 5g

    5 m2 = 25g

    10 m2 = 50g

    50 m2 = 250g

    100 m2 = 500g

    200 m2 = 1kg

    500 m2 = 2.5kg

    1000 m2 = 5kg

    10000 m2 = 50kg

    Please note: 1 Acre is approx 4,000 m2; 10,000 m2 = 1 Hectare; 1 Hectare = 2.3 Acres

    Sowing rate for Biennials and pure Perennials

    Usually sown at 1g per m2

    Area in m2 Seed Required

    1 m2 = 1g

    5 m2 = 5g

    10 m2 = 10g

    50 m2 = 50g

    100 m2 = 100g

    500 m2 = 500g

    1000 m2

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  5. Guide to Wildflower Meadow Seed Mixes

    Guide to Wildflower Meadow Seed Mixes

    Landlife’s Wildflower Meadow Mixtures are composed of common core species. Our perennial meadow mixes, once established, will flower every year.

    Soils and Sowing

    Unlike the Cornfield Annuals, these mixes are more suitable for poor soils, light subsoils, 

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