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Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds

These individual species are included in our Cornfield Annual Wildflower Seed Mixtures, and are very easy to grow. Perfect for using on their own or added to other mixtures to provide additional first year colour.

£10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT)
An attractive bag containing approx 100grams of Cornfield Annuals to cover an area of approx 20 sq metres. These annuals will create an' instant' profusion of stunning colour in year one. Seeds include Corncockle*, Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Corn Poppy*. Seeds are from Landlife Wildflowers .........the environment... More

£1.96 (£1.63 ex VAT)
Glorious annual wildflower seeds very like a single Chrysanthemum.  Flowers from June to August. Prolific in its production of wild flowers.  Slightly fragrant and can be used as cut flowers. Height:  30-60cm (12-24in) Prefers:  Soil normal - poor. pH7. Sunny position Flowers:  March - August... More

£1.96 (£1.63 ex VAT)
Once common in the cornfields of England, this wildflower has reddish-purple and solitary with undivided petals. This wildflower seeds itself very prolifically and is related to other campions. Height: 30-100cm (12-40in) Prefers: Normal soil (pH7) Sunny position near a fence or other support. Flowers: Jun - Aug... More

£1.96 (£1.63 ex VAT)
The delightful white daisy flowers of this annual wildflower were once a common sight is cornfields. It is now much rarer due to widespread use of selective herbicides. It has a compact upright habit, ideal for use on borders. Finches love to eat the flower seed heads. Height:  20-40cm Prefers: Sunny... More

£1.96 (£1.63 ex VAT)
Evocative red annual, short to medium height, a lover of disturbed ground and agricultural soils if given a chance to flower. Replenishes its bright vermilion petals each day. Height:  30-60cm Prefers:  Sun Flowers:  May to july Seeds per gram:  11,000 Good for:  butterflies and bees How... More

£1.96 (£1.63 ex VAT)
A once common annual weed of cornfields and waste places, now rarely seen. Bright blue wild flowers are produced on tall wiry stems with narrow leaves from June to August. A good butterfly and bee attracting wildflower plant. Height: 20-90cm (8-36in) Prefers: Full sun, well drained soil Seeds per gram: 100... More