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Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12P 100%
Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12P 100%
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Low Growing Wildflower Seeds LW12P 100%

How low can you grow?! Find out with this collection of low-growing wildflowers, well-suited for areas which require greater visibility: roadsides, at the front of a bed, or maybe just anywhere you’d want a blanket of beautiful blooms to attract pollinators and grow year after year.

Contains 20 different native wildflower species.

Sowing Rate: 3 grams per sq/m - 1kg covers 330sq/m

Check out the specification sheet for more details.

  Common Name Latin Name Quantity Flowers Height Type
1 Bedstraw, Lady's Galium verum 7.5% Jun - Sep 50 - 80cm Perennial
2 Black Medick Medicago lupulina 6% May - Oct 15 - 80cm Annual
3 Burnet, Salad Sanguisorba minor 10% Jun - Sep 15 - 50cm Perennial
4 Campion, Bladder Silene vulgaris 4% May - Sep 25 - 60cm Perennial
5 Carrot, Wild Daucus carota 5% Jun - Oct 30 - 100cm Perennial
6 Cat's-ear, Common Hypochaeris radicata 4% Jun - Oct 15 - 50cm Perennial
7 Cornflower Centaurea cyanus 10% Jun - Oct 20 - 80cm Annual
8 Cowslip Primula veris 2% Apr - May 15 - 30cm Perennial
9 Forget-me-not, Field Myosotis arvensis 5% May - Jul 20 - 40cm Annual
10 Hawkbit, Autumn Leontodon autumnalis 6% Aug - Oct 15 - 20cm Perennial
11 Hawkbit, Rough Leontodon hispidus 6.5% Jun - Oct 15 - 35cm Perennial
12 Plantain, Hoary Plantago media 4% May - Sep 15 - 45cm Perennial
13 Ragged Robin Lychnis flos-cuculi 1% May - Aug 30 - 90cm Perennial
14 Self-heal Prunella vulgaris 5% Jun - Sep 15 - 30cm Perennial
15 Sorrel, Sheep's Rumex acetosella 2% May - Jul 20 - 40cm Perennial
16 Toadflax, Common Linaria vulgaris 1% Jun - Oct 30 - 90cm Perennial
17 Trefoil, Bird's-foot Lotus corniculatus 5% Jun - Aug 10 - 40cm Perennial
18 Vetch, Kidney Anthyllis vulneraria 5% May - Oct 15 - 50cm Perennial
19 Yarrow Achillea millefolium 1% Jun - Oct 20 - 100cm Perennial
20 Yellow-rattle Rhinanthus minor 10% Jun - Sep 25 - 50cm Annual

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