Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds LW4P 100%
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Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds LW4P

For loam and alluvial soils, we recommend this mix of UK-native wildflowers. Not only are they beautiful in open, grassy areas, but they’ve been chosen specifically for their benefit to the wildlife, which will hopefully be long-lasting as perennial plants create a permanent flowery area.

Containing a mixture of native flowers from the distinctive sweet aroma of Lady's bedstraw to the delicate spikes of Common knapweed, perfect for creating meadows in the more loamy soils.   

This mix contains 23 different flower species.

Sowing Rate: 3g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Lady's bedstraw 5%, Black medick 6%, Salad burnet 10%, Meadow Buttercup 5%, White campion 4%, Wild Carrot 4%, Wild Clary 5%, Cowslip 1%, Ox-eye daisy 3%, Goat's-beard 7%, Rough hawkbit 1%, Common Knapweed 5%, Greater Knapweed 7%, Hoary plantain 2%, Ribwort plantain 4%, Ragged robin 2%, Field Scabious 1%, Self-heal 6%, Common Sorrel 6%, Tufted vetch 4%, Meadow Vetchling 3%, Yarrow 3%, Yellow-rattle 6%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.