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Chalk and Limestone Soils Wildflower Seeds LW2M 80/20
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Chalk and Limestone Soils Wildflower Seeds LW2M

This mixture of UK-native wildflower and grass seeds has been selected as the most ideal for chalk and limestone soil. Dry soils such as these aren’t known for being as fertile, make up for that by bearing some especially striking species such as the soft-looking Scabious and the striking spikes of Sainfoin.

Many of these are boisterous blooms and grasses that grow year after year, but their habitat means that they’re easier to control if needed, making them perfect for those who want to mix and match their meadows for the perfect arrangement!

Sowing Rate: 5g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Agrimony 2.2%, Bird's-foot trefoil 1.0%, Black medick 1.4%, Cowslip 0.2%, Dropwort 0.6%, Goatsbeard 0.5%, Hedge bedstraw 0.8%, Common Knapweed 1.2%, Greater Knapweed 1.2%, Lady's bedstraw 1.2%, Meadowsweet 0.1%, Wild Marjoram 0.4%, Ox-eye daisy 1.0%, Hoary plantain 0.4%, Salad burnet 1.6%, Sainfoin 2.0%, Field Scabious 1.0%, Small Scabious 0.6%, Selfheal 1.0%, Toadflax 0.2%, Kidney vetch 0.6%, Wild Carrot 0.4%, Yarrow 0.4%, Slender creeping red fescue 14.4%, Chewing's fescue 17.6%, Common Bent 4.0%, Smooth-stalked meadow grass 6.4%, Creeping bent 4.0%, Crested dog's tail 16.0%, Sheeps fescue 16.0%, Quaking grass 1.6%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.