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Coastal Areas Wildflower Seeds LW10P
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Coastal Areas Wildflower Seeds LW10P

Our mixture of wildflower seeds best suited for coastal areas contains hardy perennials and amazing annuals which bring the best blooms from the sparse, sandy seaside to your garden in full force.

This collection of nectar-rich, UK-native wildflowers will leave your garden awash in a charming combination of coastal colours, from bugloss blue to daisy white, like the ocean and its foam shimmering in the sunlight. 

This mix contains 19 different flower species.

Sowing Rate: 3 grams per sq/m - 1kg covers 330sq/m

Mixture Contents;

Lady's bedstraw 6%, Bladder campion 4%, Wild Carrot 6%, Common Cat's-ear 2%, Haresfoot clover 5%, Ox-eye daisy 10%, Evening-primrose 6%, Goat's-beard 5%, Common Knapweed 10%, Greater Knapweed 6%, Corn marigold 3%, Common Poppy 3%, Common St John's-wort 4%, Common Toadflax 4%, Bird's-foot trefoil 6%, Kidney vetch 8%, Viper's bugloss 3%, Yarrow 4%, Yellow-rattle 5%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.