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Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11P
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Acidic Soils Wildflower Seeds LW11P

A collection of twenty-one hardy wildflowers for acidic soils. Plenty of our picks from this mix have an unusual and unique flair, like the Ragged Robin’s thin, fuchsia finery.

You’ll be getting a wide variety of wildflowers to spice up the garden and attract bees and butterflies! These will help to create a classical flower meadow in exceptionally poor soils. 

This mix contains 21 different flower species.

Sowing Rate: 3g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Fragrant agrimony 5%, Lady's bedstraw 5%, Betony 6%, Meadow Buttercup 8%, Common Cat's-ear 2%, Cornflower 4%, Ox-eye daisy 5%, Wild Foxglove 4%, Common Knapweed 7%, Ragged Robin 4%, Wood Sage 3%, Devil's-bit scabious 2%, Sneezewort 6%, Common Sorrel 5%, Sheep's sorrel 4%, Common St John's-wort 3%, Bird's-foot trefoil 5%, Greater Bird's-foot trefoil 4%, Tufted vetch 5%, Yarrow 8%, Yellow-rattle 5%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.