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Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds LW14P 100%
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Wild Bird Wildflower Seeds LW14P 100%

Looking to care for the wildlife? This carefully planned care package of UK-native wildflower seeds is everything you need and more to form a perfect patch of wildflowers to bloom every year.

Not only selected to benefit bees and butterflies, but birds too: certain species in this collection make an important food source for wild birds which will grow over winter. A gorgeous gift for the garden… and all its little visitors!

This mix contains 20 different flower species.

Sowing Rate: 3g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Salad burnet 5%, Wild Carrot 5%, Dwarf Sunflower 15%, Goat's-beard 3%, Rough hawkbit 2%, Common Knapweed 5%, Greater Knapweed, 5%, Linseed 6%, Corn Marigold, 5%, Wild Marjoram 2%, White millet, 5%, Phacelia 5%, Quinoa 5%, Field scabious 5%, Self-heal 5%, Common Sorrel 5%, Teasel 5%, Bird's-foot trefoil 5%, Tufted vetch 5%, Yarrow 2%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.