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Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8P 100%
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Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8P

Would you look at this: a bundle of twenty-four different wildflowers, best-suited for heavy shade and woodland. For those who really want a fabulous fairy-tale view, this collection’s for you: its plentiful perennials will litter your ground and bloom for years to come, creating a gorgeous garden grove awash in petals!

Perfect for those who want a dazzling display in a darker spot with nectar-rich flowers that benefit the local wildlife.

This mix contains 24 different flower species.

Sowing Rate: 3g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Common Agrimony 9%, Wild Angelica 3%, Wood Avens 5%, Hedge bedstraw 9%, Nettle-leaved bellflower 1%, Betony 5%, Bluebell 3%, Meadow Buttercup 5%, Red campion 5%, Wild Clary 4%, Columbine 1%, Wild Foxglove 3%, Upright hedge parsley 6%, Meadowsweet 5%, Garlic mustard 8%, Ragged robin 4%, Wood Sage 2%, Hairy st john's-wort 2%, Teasel 5%, Bush vetch 2%, Tufted vetch 2%, Wild Garlic / Ramsons 1%, Hedge woundwort 7%, Yarrow 3%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.