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Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8M 80/20
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Woodland and Heavy Shade Wildflower Seeds LW8M

The untamed beauty of the deep British woodlands is hard to beat- and our collection of UK-native wildflowers and grasses help to capture the best of the best. A majority of these fantastic flowers have been recommended by the RHS as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’, and well-balanced with a variety of ornamental and beneficial grasses, such as the Slender Creeping Red Fescue, whose rich hues work well with the glow of more pastel petals, and help to protect shorter plants, like the bright and beautiful Bluebell.

Truly a magical mixture for meadow-making in a woodland garden or in other heavily-shaded spots. 

Sowing Rate: 5g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Agrimony 1.8%, Wood Avens 1.0%, Hedge bedstraw 1.8%, Nettle-leaved bellflower 0.2%, Betony 1.0%, Bluebell 0.6%, Meadow Buttercup 1.0%, Red campion 1.0%, Columbine 0.2%, Foxglove 0.6%, Meadowsweet 1.0%, Garlic mustard 1.6%, Ramsons 0.2%, Ragged Robin 0.8%, Wood Sage 0.4%, Hairy st. john's-wort 0.4%, Teasel 1.0%, Upright hedge-parsley 1.2%, Bush vetch 0.4%, Tufted vetch 0.4%, Wild Clary 0.8%, Wild Angelica 0.6%, Yarrow 0.6%, Hedge Woundwort 1.4%, Slender creeping red fescue 32.0%, Chewing’s fescue, 21.6%, Common Bent 4.0%, Sweet vernal 2.4%, Tufted hairgrass 12.0%, Wood Meadowgrass 8.0%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.