Honey Bee Wildflower Gift Set

£15.00 £12.50

Including three wildflower seed mixes and delicious, locally-produced honey, the Honey Bee Wildflower Gift Box is a tribute to the wonderful bee and the perfect gift for bee and honey lovers!

  • 10g Bee and Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix (10g to cover 3 sqm) 
  • 10g Dual Purpose Wildflower Seed Mix (10g to cover 3 sqm)
  • 10g Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seed Mix (10g to cover 3 sqm)
  • Wildflower Establishment and Maintenance Leaflet
  • Lincolnshire Pilgrim Honey Jar (227g) - Set or Runny

Lovingly packaged into a gift box with twine, a festive gift tag and a Christmas charm.

Perfect for Pollinator