LW4M - Loam and Alluvial Soils Wildflower Seeds

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Containing twenty three UK Native wildflower species and grasses which are suitable for a loam and alluvial soils. This mixture contains mainly perennial species to create a permanent wildflower meadow which establishes in the first year and flowers from the second year onwards. LW4 supports bees, butterflies and other pollinators as 77% of the wildflowers included in this mixture are recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’. Can be used on its own to create a vibrant display, or can be added to perennial mixtures to provide a boost of the first year colour.

Sowing Rate: 5g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Tufted vetch 0.8%, Black medick 1.2%, Meadow Buttercup 1.0%, White campion 0.8%, Wild Clary 1.0%, Cowslip 0.2%, Goat's-beard 1.4%, Greater Knapweed 1.4%, Common Knapweed 1.0%, Lady's bedstraw 1.0%, Rough hawkbit 0.2%, Meadow Vetchling 0.6%, Oxeye daisy 0.6%, Field Scabious 0.2%, Hoary plantain 0.4%, Ribwort plantain 0.8%, Ragged robin 0.4%, Salad burnet 2.0%, Selfheal 1.2%, Common Sorrel 1.2%, Wild Carrot 0.8%, Yarrow 0.6%, Yellow-rattle 1.2%, Slender creeping red fescue 16.0%, Chewing's fescue 17.6%, Common bent 4.0%, Smooth-stalked meadow grass 5.6%, Rough-stalked meadow grass 4.0%, Smaller cat's tail 8.0%, Creeping bent 3.2%, Crested dog's tail 17.6%, Meadow Foxtail 4.0%.

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Perfect for Pollinator