LW3P - 100% Dry, Sandy and Loam Soils Wildflower Seeds

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This special selection of 24 different wildflowers focuses on flowers suited for dry, sandy soils- so it’s fitting that it brings the bright, summery colouration like a day at the beach! A mix of buttercups and bedstraw give a golden glow to your grassy garden, but that’s not our main focus: rather, our mix focuses on perennials to form a permanent area in your garden, with plenty of flowers deemed ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ by the RHS to get your garden bursting at the seams with life!

Sowing Rate: 3g/sqm

Mixture Contents;

Lady's bedstraw 6%, Black medick 8%, Bulbous buttercup 7%, Meadow Buttercup 3%, Bladder campion 1%, White campion 7%, Wild Carrot 4%, Cowslip 1%, Ox-eye daisy 4%, Field Forget-me-not 1%, Rough hawkbit 3%, Common Knapweed 7%, Wild Mignonette 4%, Hoary plantain 3%, Ribwort plantain 3%, Field Scabious 3%, Self-heal 6%, Common Sorrel 5%, Common St John's-wort 2%, Common Toadflax 4%, Bird's-foot trefoil 6%, Viper's bugloss 3%, Yarrow 5%, Yellow oat-grass 4%.

Contents may vary according to availability - more information.

Perfect for Pollinator