Our annual wildflower seeds are simple and easy to grow species, ideal for creating a stunning flowering effect during the first year. They can be used on their own for a bold statement, or mixed with our Wildflower Seed Mixtures to give first year colour or sown on their own for a display of colour.

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  1. Perfect for Pollinator Common Poppy Seeds (Papaver rhoeas)
    Common Poppy Seeds (Papaver rhoeas)

    Evocative red annual, short to medium height, a lover of disturbed ground and agricultural soils if given a chance to flower. Replenishes its bright vermilion petals each day.

    Good for: butterflies and bees

    Height: 30-60cm

    Prefers: Sun

    Flowers: May to July

    Seeds per gram: 11,000

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    Sowing rate: 3g/sqm

  2. Perfect for Pollinator Corncockle Seeds (Agrostemma githago)
    Corncockle Seeds (Agrostemma githago)

    Once common in the cornfields of England, this wildflower has reddish-purple and solitary with undivided petals. This wildflower seeds itself very prolifically and is related to other campions.

    Height: 30-100cm (12-40in)

    Prefers: Normal soil (pH7) Sunny position near a fence or other support.

    Flowers: Jun - Aug

    Seeds per gram: 30

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    Sowing rate: 3g/sqm

  3. Evening Primrose Seeds (Oenothera biennis)
    Evening Primrose Seeds (Oenothera biennis)

    A tall, bright yellow annual or biennial widely naturalised in coastal areas and beside railway lines. Originally from North America, its oil is used in various herbal remedies. The flowers open in the evening and are visited by a large number of Moth species.

    Good for: Moths 

    Height: 50 - 150cm

    Prefers: Dry free draining soil in full sun

    Flowers: Jun to Sep

    Seeds per gram: 1800

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    Sowing rate: 3g/sqm

  4. Perfect for Pollinator Wood Avens Seeds (Geum urbanum)
    Wood Avens Seeds (Geum urbanum)

    Yellow flowers of cornfields and open places. Perennial, small yellow flowers followed by burr-like seed heads.

    Height: 30-60cm

    Flowers: June onwards

    Requires: Deep shade

    Seed per gram: 1400

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    Sowing rate: 3g/sqm

  5. Perfect for Pollinator Yellow Rattle Seeds (Rhinanthus minor)
    Yellow Rattle Seeds (Rhinanthus minor)

    ***Fresh seed from 2020 crop*** Growing in grassy meadows and pastures throughout Britain, this annual yellow rattle plant enjoys well drained soils. The yellow flowers are followed by brown inflated calyces in the shape of little purses or seashells.     Another name for this bright attractive plant is ‘rattle box’ because of the sound effect made by its seeds rattling around inside the seed capsule.  Also known as ‘Hay rattle', rattlebaskets and pots and pans.  

    Height: 20 - 50 cm

    Flowers: June - September

    Requires: All types of grassland

    Seeds per gram: 270

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    Sowing rate: 3g/sqm

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