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Coastal\u0020Wildflower\u0020Jigsaw\u0020Puzzle Coastal\u0020Wildflower\u0020Jigsaw\u0020Puzzle Coastal\u0020Wildflower\u0020Jigsaw\u0020Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle - Coastal Wildflowers

A unique and entertaining gift for all the family! Our stunning Coastal Areas Jigsaw Puzzle is available in two sizes and features UK Native Wildflower 'Viper's Bugloss', a beautiful species which you may find in your own meadow!

  • Made from thick, durable board 
  • Completed Size (100 Piece*): 48 x 36cm
  • Completed Size (1,000 Piece): 64 x 48cm 
  • Each puzzle is carefully enclosed in a rustic gift box

*100 Piece Puzzle suited to children 6 years and up.

To create your very own Coastal Wildflower Meadow, sow our LW10P 100% Coastal Areas Wildflower Seeds!

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